It’s been quite the debate for millenniums. However, each gender has strengths and weaknesses. One side provides balance to another side. Here are some of the things that make a woman better than a man. 

Much Better at Style

From jewelry to women’s clothing, ladies usually have a better eye for fashion. They’ve known how to accessorize since the early days of dressing up their dolls and putting together outfits. Also, they have a better vision for dressing for the day.

They may have an all-purpose outfit that’s perfect for work, great for happy hour, and even making a quick trip to the store. When you have all of these elements available, it makes for a well-rounded fashion sense. 

Not to mention, they know what’s best to wear for the season. Women can shop ahead and catch the best deals around, from high-couture to bargain bins. A $10 belt might look like $100 because women know how to make it pop with the whole outfit. 

Better at Tolerating Pain

While women might seem like super emotional creatures, they tolerate pain much better than guys. For one, a sick day to them is another day at the office. They can handle the flu and still carry out tasks throughout the day.

Guys may be in bed all day with a cold, but a woman feels like she can’t rest due to her motherly duties. She has the resilience to tough it out. Speaking of toughing it out, she can handle birth. 

Giving birth is something a man will never experience. Before women go through the painful process of pushing out a kid, they’re responsible for carrying one to the tune of nine months. They have to feed it, move around, and still handle things well into the last few months. 

Some women may even work a 9-5 job into the last week of giving birth. 

Great at Multi-Tasking

They believe in working efficiently to meet their personal and professional goals. A full day for a woman may be going to work, heading to the grocery store, helping the kids with their homework, cooking dinner, organizing the house, and getting things situated for the next day.

Women are great at multi-tasking. Even a stay-at-home mother can manage the family by making sure bills are paid on schedule, working on her online business, planning for the next’s month budget, and other things the family needs. 

Also, they can handle the challenge of a baby having an accident in his diaper to a dog getting mud on the carpet. They’re up for any changes in the flow because they know how to adapt to various situations. 

Women have more complex wirework, which allows their brains to process information quickly. Also, they utilize more of their brain both creatively and logically to help them solve multiple problems. 

Whether they’re managing the home or running a business, they know how to prioritize to make sure they carry out tasks carefully and to completion.  

Cleaner Than Guys 

Not only do they have better personal hygiene than guys, you see the cleanliness throughout the rest of their lives. Guys may go on for months without cleaning up the whole house. They’re used to having things in disarray. 

Women are better at keeping the home clean. A cleaner house allows you to think better because you have more space. It makes you feel more at ease because your personal life has more organization. 

Speaking of organization, they can put files in the right places from billing statements, contracts, and other imperative documents. It’ll help you keep track of information better because you have the virtual and paper statements all in one spot. 

They understand that personal hygiene and a clean home can impact their lives. They also know that the more organized they are, the easier they can manage everything. Clutter only makes things more complicated. 

Better Communication Skills 

They’re much better at expressing themselves. Also, women are prone to keeping in touch with their friends and talking about everyday things. As a result, they can socialize in any type of environment from a casual or business setting.

Whether it’s a simple “hello” to someone at a grocery store or explaining things in a business capacity, they can communicate with different groups of people. They’re in touch with their emotions more than guys, which makes them better at speaking. 

They can relate with people in a way that guys can’t handle. Also, women can speak with people randomly for 15-30 minutes at a time. Even in a stressful situation, they can calm down and talk to someone about possible solutions to the ordeal. 

Ask for Help When Needed

Men may be too proud to ask for help, which results in wasting time or not getting something done. Women know when they can’t do something, or there’s a more efficient method to getting something done. 

They’re not afraid to ask for assistance when the time calls for it. As a result, women can finish things much quicker. If they have a list of tasks to do for the day, they can find the best help to solve any issues. 

On another note, they can seek professional help for certain things. A guy may try to tough out an injury and let it die down. However, a woman will take the initiative to call a doctor, schedule an appointment, and identify the root of an injury or a medical condition. 

Taking preventative measures helps them stay alive much longer than men. 

Women Have Stronger Senses 

The first thing you’ve heard about their senses is women’s intuition. They have a sixth sense that allows them to avoid problems before they have the potential to get bigger. If something doesn’t feel right, they listen to that inner voice instead of ignoring it. 

They listen to the tone of a person’s voice and their body language to help gauge the sincerity. It gives them a better read on the person, which can often save their lives or keep them from getting into a bad situation. 

Also, they have sharper nose receptors. They can smell a person’s scent before getting close to them. It comes from their more sensitive olfactory bulbs.  It’s also a good survival instinct when there are things like smoke in the air from something burning in the house. 

Women have unique gifts to help them in their daily life, from work to home. The subtle everyday things that guys can catch, women can overstand perfectly. Women are better than men when organizing things, tolerating pain, sensing emotions and smells, and more.