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7 Ways To Include Romance In Your Busy Schedule When You Are Both Busy


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There I was, sitting and observing my aunt and her husband, who were busy blowing secret kisses at each other, in the midst of our family’s huge easter eve dinner.

It was astounding. The love they had in their eyes was 8 years old and yet so fresh, so young. It made me envious.

My husband and I had tied the knot only 2 years ago, but our love seemed too exhausted and crumbly. I had always blamed it on time, circumstances and our busy schedules that made it hard for us to find time together. But here were these two super busy individuals who fought against time and situations to set a strong example that love is eternal.

I grew restless. I needed to know how they did that. With the inputs she gave me, I have tried my best to share with you, what seemed like the perfect truth to me.

So if you too have lost the spark in your relationship just because you are busy as hell, please read on to find the 7 most amazing ways to get that spice back!

  1. Have meals together

meals together

For starters, it has been proved that couples who have at least one meal of the day together, are happier than those who choose otherwise. The reason behind is because mealtime is the best time to have a brief yet hearty talk with your beloved. From discussing your plans for the day to how the day eventually went, from sharing your future plans to talking about your life journey till now.

It basically provides you with a sense of comfort, knowing your partner is there for you and vice-versa, making it incredibly romantic as well as thoughtful.

  1. Compliment each other often

Compliments are natural mood boosters.

The right choice of words paired with apt timing is one lethal combination that can make anyone blush for as long as you can think.

So, compliment your partner whenever possible. It’ll instantly lift their spirits and give them a feel-good factor. They will be happy for the entire day getting reminded of your love and appreciation.

  1. Find a common hobby or interest that you can enjoy together

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If your partner enjoys doing an activity like going to the gym, make an effort and join them. Moreover, it is good for your health!

You can do couple activities together and bond over them. Likewise, find something that interests you both and that you can enjoy while keeping each other company. You will definitely come out stronger!

  1. Take a bath together

Everybody loves a nice, warm bath to ease off after a long tiring day. And what better could you ask for if your beau joins in with you? Have faith, it’ll make the whole experience even more tranquilizing!

You can try throwing in few rose petals and adding some relaxing bath salts in the tub. Dim the lights and put on some music. For the wine lovers, this is the best moment to make things even more magical. Grab a bottle of your favorite red wine or white wine, (choose the one that justifies your love for wine in the best way) and sip on it while resting in your significant other’s arms.

  1. Plan surprises

Don’t be intimated with the word surprises. When we talk about wooing your partner it doesn’t necessarily imply lavish dinner dates or expensive gifts. Sometimes subtle gestures of affection do a bang-up job.

Like picking her favorite lingeries , on your way home or arranging a candlelit dinner within the cozy zone of your home or pampering him/her with a surprise breakfast in bed. Imagination is yours and sky’s the limit.

  1. Express your love


Never wait for a special occasion to say the magical ‘I love you’ to your spouse. Instead, be generous and extravagant with your expressions or try to express by gifting as well.

A simple ‘I love you’ note on the washroom mirror, or a flirtatious text/ email, well-timed hugs, and kisses are few of the many mushy things you can try, with purpose being to let them know that you are thinking about them.

  1. Be a little more creative in bed

Making love is an integral part of a romantic relationship. And when efforts are made to spice things up in the bedroom, it immediately ignites a spark in the relationship, making you bond even stronger. Try a new posture or get sexy props.

Use your wild side and invent your own kinky moves and we bet your partner would be left asking for more and won’t be able to wait before coming back to you!

Don’t hold back in making any efforts. It will all be worth it.