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How Often Should You Clean Your Lash Extensions?

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension does enhance the glamour in you, and not only this, but the level of your confidence and grace is also elaborate. Beautiful eyes show the real personality in you, so eyelashes increase the beauty of eyes, thereby beautifying your personality.

But, like all other stuff, we use eyelash extensions that also need proper care and maintenance. Affording eyelash extensions is not a piece of cake, so conventional care can only help it survive for long and justify the cost.

Sometimes you must have seen that your eyelash keeps falling out. The reason why you need to be extra careful during lash applications are-

Wearing Mascara

One perk of extensions is that mascara is no longer in use. But, if you still use mascara over your lashes, then it might destroy them. And waterproof mascara is the worst-case scenario as removing it is a task.

Oily Skin

If you are an oily skin type, it becomes tedious to fix the extension to the lash line.

Technical Error

As humans, we may cause errors during the lash application.

Constant Touching

After application, if you are constantly touching your eyelash or rubbing your eyes, then fall out is possible as this won’t keep the lash in place.


Yes, medicines can change the environment of the area near the lashes. For Example- thyroid medicines.

Lack of knowledge Post Care

Proper care is essential as negligence can ruin your extensions.

How to Take Care of Your Extension?

Eyelash extension aftercare is more than what it seems to be. The following points discussed further will help you understand the importance of maintaining extension and your lashes beneath them.

Let the Glue Dry

Application of eyelash extensions requires proper drying up of the glue so that the lash sticks properly. To do this, you need to avoid the accumulation of moisture near the lash area.

Wash and Shampoo your Lashes

Water Pressure helps the lash to dry out and get rid of the glue. Therefore, washing and combing your lash hair will help falling out of lash.

Stop Rubbing or Tugging

Rubbing lashes cause wear and tear of the lash extensions. The worse situation occurs when due to excessive rubbing the natural lash falls out and you get an infection.

Good Skincare and Makeup Tool

Check well before that all the products are oil-free so that it is easy to attach the lash. Clean all the brushes and sponges well before you use them for application.

Groom your Lashes

It means that one needs to keep the lashes away from the extra oil and debris so that the glue does not lose its adhesive property. The best alternative to do so is to invest in the lash comb.

Avoid Waterproof Eye Makeup

Waterproof eye makeup is not easy to remove and requires a lot of force. This process can destroy your eyelashes. So do take precautions.

If the steps are followed adequately then you will save yourself from the infections and the irregularities caused by extensions.