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Nature’s 7 Gifts for Healthier Skin Every Women Should Know



Nature has granted us with nature’s gift that can help us in avoiding, maintaining and treating some common body issues. However, there are various products available in the market to beautify your skin but they also contain other different chemicals too. These chemicals can cause you skin damage. Therefore, going back to nature to find solution of your skins problem has always been the best way. There are uncountable natural products that can help you attain beautiful skin but let me introduce to some ingredients that you can find in your pantry.



Tomato is a fruit that belongs to nightshade family. Tomato is a fruit that offspring’s all over the year and widely used in different dishes. Tomatoes are source of antioxidant lycopene which has different health benefits. This fruit is abundant in vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium and folate. Vitamin C helps in collagen synthesis that helps in delaying ageing and it also helps in preventing ultra-violate rays. It is a natural astringent that means you can treat acne and skin breakouts by simply rubbing a slice of tomato on your skin.



Yogurt is yet another natural ingredient that you can use to make your skin beautiful. Yogurt is acidic in nature that makes it another good astringent. However, it can also be used to naturally moisturize skin, tighten pores and remove dead skin. You can incorporate it in your daily diet or apply it to your face to avail these skin health benefits.



Lemon is also abundant with vitamin C. Lemon also helps in reducing discoloration of skin. You can use a half cut lemon on your elbow or knees to reduce the darkness of these body parts. Lemon can benefit your skin in different ways. You can DIY lemon juice packed masks to enjoy the perk of beautiful skin. One way is to mix lemon and honey to treat acne.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut Oil

Well coconut is a complete beauty staple. It can be used in various ways to moisturize, treat and cleanse your skin. You can use it as body oil that will make you smell like a beach vocation all day in addition with its SPF5 quality. In addition to this coconut oil can be used to sooth bug bites, burns or skin itchiness. You can also make a tinted lip balm by adding food color and bee wax to it and a lip scrub by adding sugar granules. You can check my blog for more benefit of coconut oil.



Honey is not just a healthy sweetener, it is also has surprising benefits for skin and hair. It can prove to be used as a moisturizer, anti-ageing and antibacterial element. Applying a spoon of honey on your skin helps it to moisturize as honey draws moisture from air and ensures that it remains in skin. In addition to this enzymes and antibacterial properties in honey helps in cleansing pores. Honey’s inflammatory property also helps to lighten the skin. You can also dab honey on fungus and acne to treat them. To find more remedies and ways to use honey for skin benefits you can check my latest post here.



Ginseng is herb with medical properties that makes it an excellent herb for healthier hair, skin and body. Ginseng helps in collagen production, helps in combatting skin dryness, fight against photo-ageing and pigmentation. Adding ginseng to your diet strengthens your metabolism that results in healthier skin and brighter complexion. You can make a paste of ginseng and sunflower to reduce stretch marks and fine lines on your skin.



Rubbing potato slices or applying potato juice tightens your skin, reduces puffiness and treating dark circles under your eyes. Potatoes also work as an antiaging beauty agent.

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