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How to Do Kegel Exercises During Pregnancy The Right Way?

Kegel Exercises...

Are you sure you’re doing Kegel exercise the right way? Don’t miss these easy steps on how to do Kegel Exercises during pregnancy. Read more!

Wow! I should have known that there is an exercise that strengthens our vaginal muscle. Kegel also called as pelvic floor exercises also toughen pelvic muscles that support the uterus, bladder, and bowels.

Do you know how to do Kegel exercises?

Kegel Exercises...

The Importance of Kegel Exercises

During pregnancy, our pelvic floor muscles weaken. Along with the growth of the fetus, these muscles are stressed out and worsen until the day of delivery. If this continues, the muscles will swell and go down into the vagina.

This condition is called prolapse. It causes pressure on our pelvic area. Side effects of this situation are leakage of feces and urine. Gosh, I am sure you don’t want a part of that mess!

It’s a surprise to know that there is an easy exercise to help keep our pregnancy healthy. Since pelvic floor exercises strengthen the pelvic muscles, here are more advantages if you learn how to do Kegel exercises during pregnancy.

●       It prevents urine and feces leakage.

●       Helps fast and natural delivery by controlling muscles during labor and delivery.

●       Shortens the labor time.

●       Kegel exercise promotes blood circulation in the genital area.

●       Strengthens vaginal muscles thus increasing sex drive.

Steps on How to Do Kegel Exercises during Pregnancy


1.  First, you need to find out where your Kegel muscles are. Try holding your urine mid-stream. Those muscles that you used are your Kegel muscles. As I describe it, it’s a feeling of clasping and lifting!

During the exercise, you merely contract those muscles but don’t practice holding your urine flow in doing so. It could be a start of urinary tract infections and other medical situations.

If you’re unsure, another way of locating it is to insert a finger into the vagina and gently squeeze the muscles around it. Please remember that before doing this, be sure to wash your hands with soap.

2. Now you know where your Kegel muscles are. Choose your most comfortable position. Start to contract these muscles in 8 seconds, then release. Rest for a few seconds before starting again. Do this again 15 times more.

Don’t forget to relax. It helps you focus and efficient. Feel the rhythm. Breathe in, breathe out…never hold your breath!

You can do the exercise three times a day or more. Since pelvic floor exercises are comfortable, you can do it anywhere, and other people don’t even know. As a reminder, the Kegel exercises are effective when you empty your bladder before executing it.

3. The only challenge this exercise offer is to try not move when doing it. Your legs, buttocks and abdominal muscles must be in place. Let your pelvic floor muscle do the job!

Not sure if you’re doing it right? You can ask help from your gynecologist to teach you how to locate the muscles. The doctor can give you medical advice and techniques to aid you. Biofeedback training is one of them.

Here is an easy way! Do your Kegel way while you’re making love. You are doing it correctly when your partner confirms that he felt it.

Making this part of your daily routine will eventually make your pelvic floor muscles strong. Try to lengthen the time of contraction and the frequency of execution. It is not the same for everyone, but generally, you will reap results after doing the routine regularly in two months’ time.

Here is a video showing you how to do Kegel exercises during pregnancy.

Other Facts You Need to Know

●  Like the rest of our muscles, Kegel muscles become stronger after regular exercise. So be consistent and focus on doing a good job.

●   Kegel exercises are harmless. If you feel pain after doing so, you may have done it the wrong way.

●  If you plan to get pregnant, you can start with the pelvic floor exercise early. It would be an advantage during the pregnancy.

●   When you resume Kegel exercise right after delivery, it speeds up healing and recovery.

●   There is no limit on when you can do Kegel exercise. I recommend that you do it as long as you can.


Kegel exercise is essential to women. It does not matter if you’re pregnant or not, young or old. Pelvic floor exercises play an important role in maintaining our good health. On top of its benefit during pregnancy and delivery, it even promotes better sex drive for a stable and satisfying relationship.

After our short tutorial, I am sure you already know how to do Kegel Exercises when you’re pregnant. Don’t hesitate to ask professional assistance when it comes to improving your pelvic floor muscles. And when you’re used to it, please share your tips. We could all need lessons from experiences like yours!

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