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More Than Just a Pretty Face: How Worthy It Is to Be Beautiful?


First off, how is being beautiful defined?

In today’s generation, the pursuit of good looks is becoming more and more crucial for many individuals. As a matter of fact, an online survey conducted by About.com revealed that consumers of beauty products consider their purchases as necessities and not luxuries.

You can even be amongst the women lurking around trying to find the most effective whitening product or best diet pills available in the market.

Needless to say, media had played a major role in defining what is beautiful and what is not. However, did you know that one study revealed that there is NO particular definition of beauty?

Social science believes that standard of beauty is culturally determined and that it varies from one person to another. Meaning to say, different people with different life experiences in different cultures acquire different standards of beauty.

The famous saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” does seem to reflect our perception of what being beautiful is. In fact, it is claimed that one could be beautiful in one country and not even slightest bit of attractive in other.

Why is it so important to be beautiful?


It is quite cruel to say that one must be beautiful but that’s how it is.

Most often, we hear the very common words “Do not judge a book by its cover.” However, science seemingly says otherwise. Whereas conscious mind will tell it isn’t right to criticize an individual from his appearance, subconscious mind will reverse and force to formulate judgment from the looks during encounters.

People typically desire to look pleasant and presentable in order to receive compliments and affirmations from the crowd. Moreover, being beautiful has said to boost self – confidence and source of pride.

But apart from sense of confidence and pride, the word “beautiful” apparently have more meaning to it than what we think.

Here are some scientifically – based details which dig up to advantages and perks of having a pretty face:

Intelligence in relation to beauty

“People will listen more closely and with more attention, probably because attractive people are perceived to be more intelligent.”

University of New Mexico researchers found that general intelligence is positively linked to body symmetry, a characteristic that is indicative of attractive qualities like health, social dominance, and fitness-related biological traits.

The conclusion that beautiful people are more intelligent follows from four assumptions:

(1) Men who are more intelligent are more likely to attain higher status than men who are less intelligent.

(2) Higher-status men are more likely to mate with more beautiful women than lower-status men.

(3) Intelligence is heritable.

(4) Beauty is heritable.

Beauty and success

Beauty and success

Studies have shown that “attractive people are usually hired sooner, get promotions quickly, and are paid more than less attractive people.”

As cited from Forbes, Aaron Gouveia has listed ways to which looks affect pay:

• Tall people get paid more money.

• Fat people get paid less.

• Blondes get paid more

• Workers who work out get paid more.

• Women who wear makeup make more

• Handsome people are paid handsomely.

Beauty in connection to persuasion


The inherent power of persuasion seemingly serves a leader well. According to Kohut, there are core things that affect our perfection of an executive: their position, performance, and presence. “Most people who have reached the level of CEO because they have mastered the art of presenting themselves,” added him.

As per Business Insider, “attractive people are more likely to become leaders.” This is for the reason that they are the more persuasive ones.

In this regard and in connection to that of career, science has also discovered that “attractive individuals are more likely to succeed.”

Beauty with friendship


As articulated from Daily Mail, “beautiful people tend to seek out equally beautiful people in social situations.”

Researchers from university of Otago in New Zealand, Oxford University and others carried out a giant experiment using hidden cameras. They have gathered 172 people who did not know each other and asked them to form groups.

They found that on average, participants were able to form group of six individuals and that they were more likely to approach others of similar attractiveness.

Another series of studies discovered that “being good – looking may make a person a more desirable partner, at least at the outset of the relationship.”

Beauty and satisfaction


Economist at the University of Texas – Austin, led by Harmamesh has arrived to a conclusion that beautiful people are more likely to become happy. The reasons for such are connected to that of aforementioned details.

Since attractive people are found to be more intelligent and are prospected to succeed in their careers, they end up being happy and satisfied with their lives.

Wrapping Up

There sure are portions to which one can point out bias and discrimination. However, these can be used positively. Getting exposed with all these information, it now becomes clearer why it is significant to be beautiful or to look good at least. Knowing that we are judged based on our looks, we learn how to keep ourselves as presentable as possible.