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5 Tips for Every Women to Cover-up Pimples



Almost every individual faces acne problem and this is so common with the teenagers. Most of them usually recovers this in a period of five years span but for the other it becomes stressing to get rid from pimples or acne. Acne problem is basically a condition when the body parts including face seems to have pimples such as white or black heads that are disturbing for one’s image and his/her confidence. To be at your best at the events, special occasion or noteworthy event one should try these possible techniques for covering up their pimple problems.

Natural Way of Cleaning the Acne:

 A low cost and a simple method to be free from acne are to overcome it through natural ways. Consumption of imbalance diet can cause acne so keeping a balanced diet also help one to cover up from acne problems this is so because that overall skin condition depends upon the amount and the type nutrition we take in. Specifically, acne can be overcome by consuming more carrots since it contains Vitamin A that strengths the tissue that so helps in skin protection. Whereas, low sugar intake is yet another way of getting free from acne since it spikes the insulin that turns hormones and adrenal glands. Keeping clean pillows, glasses, sun glasses, cell phone with anti – bacterial wipe also helps in avoiding pimple problems.

Choosing the Right Cleanser:


In general oily skins are more prone to pimple problem due to over production of sebum which leads to clogged pores and acne. However, people with all general skin types also suffer from acne. The best way to prevent from pimples is to keep your face clean. Make a routine to cleanse your face twice a day. Before picking up a face cleanser looks for its ingredients and tries to avoid the ones with harsh astringents and alcohol. Another tip is that – try to pick-up foaming face wash rather than Cream-based ones because it leaves your skin soft and clean.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized:

Beware! Do not get mistaken by cleansing your face and keeping it dry. Keep it moisturized! Moisturizing helps preventing whiteheads and blackheads. Identify your skin-type and select a moisturizer it will not let your skin dry-out or overly moisturized. However, Moisturizers labeled as “non-comedogenic” are specially designed to keep your skin moisturized and restrained from acne issues. Other than this tea tree oil can be used as good alternative for moisturizing skin and killing bacteria because of its antiseptic properties.

Exfoliating Your Skin:

Exfoliating dead skin and clogged pores can help you avoid pimple problems. DIY scrubs are best solution for exfoliating a breakout skin because exfoliators available commercially are packed with chemicals that can further irritate skin. Sea salt, brown-sugar, grounded oatmeal and chickpea flour are some good options to be used as exfoliators mixed with a base of yogurt, honey, coconut oil or milk. Where the exfoliators exfoliate your skin these bases helps to fight bacteria.

Concealing Pimples:

If you are in hurry and your big day is right at the corner and treating acne with solutions provided above is not possible. Try covering up your acne, redness and blemishes with a concealer. You can find concealers for acne problem at stores.

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