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7 Favorite Foods for Post 50 Women



For women the world changes drastically post 50. Getting into fifties is a major milestone.

This is the time when they slow down on things. Women understand they are not in their prime anymore and need to take it easy, be it their careers or family.

Health and wellness too becomes important as the growing age makes them susceptible to illnesses.

Food has a direct relation to our health. Hitting 50s essentially leads them to make changes to their diet. They simply can’t eat what they like.

Besides being good on flavor, they need to make sure it is nutritive as well.

Here we list some of the foods that women absolutely love having at this time –

1. Oats


Women are fond of taste but when it comes to health, they make no compromise.

Incorporating cholesterol lowering foods into diet are known to decrease the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

Foods like oats are extremely healthful and helps in maintaining the right cholesterol levels.

A study shows people who eat oats and whole grain foods regularly are at reduced risk of meeting early deaths. So in a way, women enjoy a longer life span 😉

2. Yogurt


Do you wonder why women over fifty look stunning? The secret is revealed. It is yogurt that does all the magic.

Yogurt is a high protein food and also rich in calcium, thus helps in reducing stomach fat. It also helps in losing weight naturally. The friendly bacteria in yogurt adds to its tang, nourishing the gut.

Extremely delicious, yogurt is also used as a major ingredient in making delightful dishes and recipes.

3. Chocolate


We all love chocolates. Isn’t it? Women over fifty are no exception either.

In fact, dark chocolates are women’s weakness. Apart from the awesome taste, chocolates, especially dark chocolates are known for their wonderful health properties

In a study conducted by University of Aberdeen, it was found that people who ate a small bar of chocolate everyday, had 11% lesser risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The chances of having a stroke were also less by 23%.

4. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green Leafy Vegetables

Women tend to have a better memory than men. The secret to this, lies in their diet. They love having green leafy vegetables.

Inclusion of leafy greens in daily meals adds a good amount of fibre in the diet. It also helps to sharpen memory. Moreover, it’s an excellent source of luteins, which prevents macular degeneration and thus optimizes vision.

A research concluded that people who had green vegetable servings per day, had the same cognitive ability than 11 years younger who rarely ate.

5. Wine


Even after so many years, the love for wine hasn’t dwindled a bit. In fact, more nations than in the past have developed a liking for wine today.

Men love wines and so does the women. But for women, a glass of wine works wonders. The fact that they consume wine in limited quantities, help them to reap its maximum health benefits.

For example – Red wine contains a super antioxidant called resveratrol which helps in increasing bone density by reducing the chance of osteoporosis.

Wine also acts as a natural blood thinner which breaks up blood clots that could lead to stroke and heart blockage.

A glass of wine does so very good to your better half! Men, did you know?

Consuming wine in moderation is the key but only women seemed to have revealed the secret.

6. Berries


Everyone knows that with passage of time, body functions tend to slow down.  But women are wise enough. They have figured out how to look amazing even at this point of time.

Consumption of fruits that are rich in phytochemicals helps in increasing blood flow to the brain which reduces harmful inflammation.

Berries are highly nutritious. Their sister fruits like blueberries and strawberries make for a fantastic healthy pair.

7. Apples

Easy availability of Apple makes it an all time favorite. And not just women, all of us love having apples. The best part about apples is that they are available throughout the year.

Apples not only lower the risk of respiratory diseases but also aid in type 2 diabetes. This superfruit is like a magic wand.

Slice one up and smear peanut butter for a classic snack that never gets old. Now that’s what I call flavor + Health 🙂


There are many ways to live your life to the fullest but none of them works alone. From wealth and health to love and laughter, everything matters.

Food and good food is another means to stay happy and healthful.

Not to say that these foods come with an age limit. Whether you are 5 or 55, you’re ALL invited!


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