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7 Ways To Create A Super Chic Wardrobe In 2018


The year 2018 is a peculiar season in fashion. While there are many styles that have been brought back from the past, there are a few new styles that have left people wondering how they can style them.

So get your wish lists ready with these 7 outfit ideas to help you look chic and stylish all through the year:

1. High Rise Denim

High Rise Denim

High rise denims are a must have fashion staple. No matter what your style may be, this comfortable piece of clothing will most certainly fit in with anything. They also work to hide your side bulges and belly fat to give the illusion of a toned waist. Wear it with tops, jackets or cardigans. Try skinny, distressed or baggy variants in lighter or darker washes.Or keep it all white from head to toe for a cool summer outfit. Pair them with sneakers, boots or flats. There are no rules- just comfort and a whole lot of chic.

2. Velvet Dresses

Velvet Dresses

Whatever your occasion may be, instantly glam it up by wearing a bodycon velvet dress. The velvet material has a natural shine that shouts glamour and high fashion. Pair them with killer strappy heels for a night of wine, dine and all things fine! You can also dress down for a daytime look by wearing them over a plain white tee. Finish the look with sneakers for a casual look. So chic!

3. Bell Bottom Trousers

Bell Bottom Trousers

Fashion is cyclical and the bell bottom trouser is proof. Flared trousers are all the rage right now be it denim, pants or plain trousers. Pair them with cute, body-hugging tops and finish off with embroidered loafers. So easy and super chic! They provide an elevated and updated look to any outfit as compared to regular trousers. You can also pair them with a tall pair of glam heels and a girly top to create a comfortable day-to-night outfit.

4. Dungarees


This was a major sensation back in the 80’s and 90’s and are back for good. They can be styled in a number of ways and can be worn throughout the year, no matter what season. Create a cute summer outfit by wearing a dungaree dress with a casual, striped or plain white t-shirt. If you’re feeling adventurous, wear dungarees with a crop top and show some skin from the sides for a fun, flirty look. Dress it up with heels or dress down with casual kicks.

5. Checkered pants

Checkered pants

Checkered pants are a great option if you want to look fun, bright and modern. Pick one color of your pants and match your top to it for a look that never disappoints. Wear your pants high waisted with a white top and add a blazer for a chic look. Wear them to work as well as to a night of drinking and partying without having to switch between outfits! This cool piece of clothing can be easily dressed up to look a little more fancy with an embellished top and a pointed toe strappy heels.

6. Transparent Shoes

Transparent Shoes

There are some trends in fashion that seem extremely crazy but have an undeniable aura of hi-fashion and sophistication around it. PVC shoes are one of this trend. PVC heels are enough to add an out of the world chic element to any outfit. Wear fishnet socks underneath your PVC heels to make your outfit even more fierce. You don’t have to go full-on runway with thigh-high PVC booties. Start small by opting for shoes with a small PVC detail like a plastic strap and move onto ankle length PVC booties for a modish, elevated look.

7. Polka Dot Blouse

Polka Dot Blouse

Black and white polka dot blouses are making quite a rave this year. They add a feminine touch to any outfit while giving a stylish, chic vibe. Pair them with jeans, skirts or shorts. You can experiment with balloon or bell sleeves in a wrap or a crop style. You can even wear a bullet bra underneath for added glam. Wear your blouses with cool, modern fabrics and pair them with glossy heels for a chic look.