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3 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Knee Length Dresses For Fancy Parties

knee-length dress

Parties are often preceded by typical questions like what to bring? Who to bring (if you have a plus one)? But most crucial of them all is, what to wear? And would that even be the right outfit for that event?

It is easy to decide your outfit for some occasions like – for weddings you wear a gown, for a business meeting you put on a pantsuit and for a funeral you go for toned-down clothing in dark neutrals. But when it comes to attending a fancy party, or a dinner night your brain is sure to fall into a state of confusion.
Cocktail parties can be anything from a huge social event to a low-key gathering of friends. But for the most part, cocktail parties are dressy-casual, so you can’t wrong if you wear a shimmery knee-length dress or a midi-skirt. For example, a fitted cashmere top with a knee-length satin skirt, accessories, heels and a touch of makeup would be just right for your la soirée.

Here are 3 reasons why you should opt for a knee-length dress for any fancy party:

1. The most conservative hemline of all –

knee-length dress

The knee length dress is considered the traditional hemline of the bunch and that’s because it looks completely no-nonsense. If you are on the shorter side or don’t feel like your legs are the best asset, then go for a knee-length dress. It will add up a few extra inches above or below the knee and will do wonders to make your legs look a bit longer. Knee-length dresses are even perfect for a daytime occasion as it resembles sophistication. High heels are an absolute must for this hemline.

2. Knee-length dresses are flattering:

knee-length dress
The knee-length dresses show the right amount of skin and are usually considered to be universally flattering and appropriate. They are generally made of refined fabric like silk, lace or taffeta and cuts around the knee. Make sure you don’t choose a dress made of plain cotton. That would appear extremely casual and bland. Knee-length dresses are much more formal than a sundress but less formal than a ballgown. These are also known as the perfect party dresses. Your dress shouldn’t be anything too short or tight unless you plan to be physically uncomfortable for hours at the event. You can try casual black dress with knee length to impress everyone at the party. Black is obviously the color to go for every occasion and party.

3. They suit every body-type!

knee-length dress
Knee-length dresses are the best for every body type. They can be worn as wrap dresses or fit-and-flare dresses for all the women who are heavier on the top but have skinnier legs. A-line or bodycon dresses look good on a pear-shaped body. Off-shoulders or dresses with frills suit the hourglass body type. In short, the knee-length dress makes everyone and anyone look elegant and enchanting. Choose your dress according to your body type and rock that party night. You will be all set for an evening of andre champagne or shimmery viniq cocktails.

How to make it look good

knee-length dress

There are chances that a dress code can sometimes make you feel like a rote rather than making an expression of personal style. This is especially true if you have a wardrobe of pieces that have made appearances on several occasions.

Here are some things to consider to make sure your outfit comes together and feels fresh:

knee-length dress

  • Don’t be afraid of color: The key is that it doesn’t have to be black always. Opt for bright colors like yellow, red, pink or orange. If not, you can always choose a darker color. Try out new prints as well. Have fun shopping for a new color and ditch the old black for a while.
  • Accessories: By now, you have decided your outfit, but if you have the time consider going over some details. Have you given any thought about the jewelry? How will you carry your necessities? These questions are best addressed at least a week prior to the party, so you have time to shop or borrow from a friend if needed. Don’t leave it to the night to think about your accessories and makeup. When you’re shopping for your dress, make sure everything from shoes to bags to jewelry is in tune. If your dress is a solid monochrome then your accessories can make a statement. If your dress already has a bold print or pattern then the accessories are simply there to elevate it.
  • Hair: You don’t want to show up with wet, untidy hair on a party night. Special occasions give us a chance for a haircut or a hairdo. As long as your hair isn’t visibly greasy or otherwise unkempt, you are good to go.
  • Alterations: If your outfit for the party doesn’t fit you quite perfectly or you have a well-worn outfit that’s due for some fixes, you might need to pay a visit to a tailor or a dry cleaner who will make the necessary changes for you. Make sure you drop your garment well in advance before you need to wear it.
  • Shapewear: Let us start by saying that everyone’s body is wonderful and nothing must be done to make it look good in a dress. But if you wish your clothes to lay smooth and flat on your body, there are plenty of things that you can buy. There are certain shops that provide seamless undergarments that are undetectable underneath even the slinkiest dresses.
  • Ironing and steaming: Creases can make a great outfit look bad. So before you go out, consider ironing or steaming your dress and putting it on a hanger so that it retains its polished appearance.

In this way, you can make your outfit look better than before and also have a great time at the party without being uncomfortable.

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