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Know How To Use The Epilators For Hair Removal With This Guide


More and more people particularly women want to get rid of the unwanted body hair to have a smooth, silky and satin skin that will attract others and do flaunt the most daring of dresses. It may be many times that you have thought to wear the bikini and join the beach party or thought of wearing suits with bold cuts but had restricted yourself due to unwanted hairs at the most prominent places.  Shrug of your depressed mood and use an epilator to remove the unwanted hairs of your body and flaunt your curves with confidence. However, before using the epilator, you should know a bit about them.

The Epilators


The epilators are mechanical devices that work on electrical or battery power and pull out the hairs from the roots and allowing you to have a smooth unwanted hair free body for almost two months. One can get various types of epilators in the market, and they can be the spring type, rotating disc type, tweezers-type or the wet and dry type. They can be termed basically as tweezers pulling out a chunk of hair at a time. It is a little painful to use, but considering the time duration that one can stay without unwanted hair, a low pain is nothing. After all, it also pains when you pluck your eyebrows or pierce your earlobes or naval areas to wear the earrings or the belly buttons. Ultimately the bold becomes beautiful. However one should know how to use the epilators correctly so that the best result can be got with reduced discomfort.

Removing Unwanted Hairs Using The Epilator


  • In the beginning, it is prime to choose the right kind of epilator for removing the unwanted hair of your body. One should always use a reputed and branded epilator to that the tweezers are perfect and the grips are firm. It is always better to use a wet and dry epilator as one can efficiently epilate the desired area of the body while taking a warm shower.


  • If you are using the epilator on your legs, it is best to shave the legs with a razor to shorten the length of the hairs before epilating as they give better results. For areas like the underarm or the bikini lines use a pair of scissors to trim down the hard and coarse unwanted hairs.


  • Take a warm bath or stay under the shower if you are using a wet type epilator and begin to remove your unwanted hairs. A warm shower helps to soften the roots of the strands and open up the pores allowing the epilator to work smoothly and only minor pain is felt.


  • If you exfoliate your skin regularly for few days before using the epilator, the dead skins and the dry flakes will go away, and the ingrown hairs will open up. It will allow the epilator to give you a perfect result and have a satin finish skin radiating with a beautiful glow.


  • If you fear that the epilator gives much pain, then you are wrong. For the first time users, it is better to have an over the counter, mild painkiller before beginning or apply a numbness cream on the area from where you get rid of the unwanted body hair.


  • As you are ready to remove the unwanted hairs of the body hold the epilator at an angle of 90 degrees in the area where you want to use it. There is no need to press it against the skin as the rotary tweezers in them will grab the unwanted hairs and pull them out along with the roots.


  • While you are trying to remove the unwanted hairs under your arms, upper part of the thigh or near the bikini lines, you should hold the skin and make it taut. It will allow not getting any extra pinch of the surface while moving the epilator on the above areas.


  • To have a smooth, silky hair free, glowing skin always run the epilator against the growth direction of the hair moving it slowly to have better grip and strong pull without missing any hairs. If however it is used in the course of the hair growth, it will only trim the hairs keeping the roots.


  • One should epilate at regular intervals so that there is less pain as the epilators work correctly giving minimum pain when the hair is short. It has also been found that epilating in the evening provides less pain as the body stays relaxed at that time. There is another advantage of removing the unwanted hairs using an epilator at night. It allows the redness of the skin and other side effects like small rashes to vanish while one rests at night. You will find beautiful skin in the morning, ready to flaunt your beauty. Use a moisturizer after using the epilator to remove the unwanted hairs to keep the skin soft.


  • Always use an epilator with clean tweezers free from any strands. Unless the head is clean, it is impossible to get rid of the unwanted hairs when you use it. Also, make sure that the epilator is fully charged if you are using a cordless epilator else your mission will stay incomplete giving you a peculiar look.
  • It is always better to use an epilator with a pivot head to remove the unwanted hairs of your bikini lines as they provide the best results in the curved areas making the skin smooth and silky.


If you want to stay away from unwanted hairs on your body for a longer time that is almost 6 to 8 weeks, then it is best to use a good epilator. One can remove the unwanted body hair without any outside help and can look more attractive and sensual. Following the above tips, you can very effectively have a silky supermodel skin and look beautiful. It is better to stay well groomed at all times to have fantastic skin and looks.