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Practical, independent, who cares about your well-being and likes to always be aware of the latest news. A modern woman is all this and more. In terms of technology, more and more women do not dispense with devices and devices that make their daily lives easier. For this reason, we leave you some suggestions for gadgets that certainly modern women will not want to miss. See the image gallery.


Futuristic Gadgets 2019

Sony WH-1000XM3 Bluetooth Headset

If you are one of those people who, when you put on your headphones, like to be completely in a bubble, that is, without hearing any outside noise, then these Sony headphones may be a good option. With noise canceling functionality, the Sony WH-1000XM3 Bluetooth headset works for 30 hours. They allow you to communicate without having to remove them via the “Quick Attention” option and change lanes, adjust the volume and make calls with a simple double tap on the panel.

Tile Mate Locator

To ensure that finding keys will never be a problem again, the Tile Mate Bluetooth finder may be the solution. Just attach this little gadget to your home keys, car keys, or even put it in your suitcase. Then just pair with the mobile app and whenever you move away from Tile Mate you get a notification.

TP Link UP525 Universal Wireless Charger

You don’t have to worry about different brands of mobile phones at home, and whether they use different cables or input ports. Charging your smartphone is easier with this universal wireless charger. So when you get home you just have to put your phone on this device and it starts charging.

Vanity Mirror Smart Mirror

It is the dream mirror of any woman. IHome’s iCVBT10 Reflect Pro is a portable, smart mirror with Bluetooth connectivity as well as the usability of Siri and Google Voice. You can use voice commands to answer calls or even listen to music while you make up. Besides having a magnification side, it also has LED illumination, as well as a port for charging the smarphone or other devices.

PHILIPS Wake Up Light

The Philips Wake-up Light HF3506 / 20 alarm clock uses light and sound for a more natural awakening. The sunrise simulation process lasts for 30 minutes. These watch features 10 brightness settings, four adjustable brightness levels, by the Snooze function (duration of nine minutes).

Bellabeat Health Monitoring Jewelry

This necklace is more than a thread with a leaf-shaped pendant. It is a jewel that monitors women’s health. It monitors physical activity, meditation, stress levels and reproductive health. You don’t have any buttons, just use as a pending or app and see the results in the Bellabeat app. Can be used while showering also.