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8 Habits of Couples in Strong and Healthy Relationships


The things required making a relationship strong and healthy vary from couple to couple. It takes time to form a trustworthy and positive relationship. Unluckily it just does not happen overnight. for any relationship, you need to put small efforts and dedication. Below we have discussed 8 habits that will help you in maintaining a happy and healthy relationship.

Healthy Relationships

1. Communication:

Starting with the top of the list. Communication is the key to a strong relationship. Everybody in the relationship talks allots, but the problem is that couples don’t know how to communicate properly. Happy and healthier couples have their game of communication down. They communicate very well with each other. They express their love for each other by saying such romantic and heart-melting sentences. “I love you”, you are my world”, what is mine is also yours” these sentences are light to pronounce but heavy to attain. Instead of hiding bad issues under the rug, they talk to each other. Open up their chest full secrets in front of their other half. If you want to move forward as a couple, then learn how to understand and express each other’s feelings and situations. No matter how odd it feels, open your arms for your partner.

2. Respect for each other:

Even a whole song is sung by Aretha Franklin about it. So, there is no doubt in its importance. There are many forms of respecting your partner. To maintain a joyful relationship, it’s important to respect your partner’s character, feelings, heart. Many of the bad habits that destroy a relationship, disrespecting is one of them. Many people disrespect their partners. Some make fun of them in the worst way, or they say something negative about their partners. The threat to break a relationship is another extreme level of disrespect.  Try hard to respect your partner if you want to continue as a couple in the future also.


3. Quality! Not Quantity:

In every aspect of life, quality wins over quantity. Same as encase of relationship. It does not matter that how much amount of time you both spend together. The thing that matters is the quality of this time. There is a huge difference between taking dinner at any restaurant talking about your work and business. Taking a casual dinner on an ordinary couch with your partner watching your favorite TV series is completely different. It’s ok to enjoy the distractions but still, the concerned fact is to make sure that the time you two spend together is worthy.

4. Time:

The key to winning the race of your relationship is to apart some crucial time for your partner. Even at the start, it is needed the most. When you both just begin your relationship, as a couple you need each other’s time. When your other half is depressed, it’s the best time to show your concern and gain his/her attention. Time apart for listening to his/her problems. He/she will feel better and this will make your relationship even stronger.

5. Appreciation:

Often, the most neglected thing in most of the relationships is appreciation. We almost forgot to praise the people in our life. Appreciating your partner will make him/her more confident. Show your love to the special one of your life. This can be done by flowers, cards, chocolates or small teddies bears.


6. Tolerate:

Tolerance is the father factor leading towards a strong and happy relationship. These days people lack intolerance level. They get irritated and aggressive even on small things. This will pull down your game of relationship. Tolerate each other in the time of need, this will make your relationship strong as concrete.

7. Positivity:

Spreading negative vibes will cost you the expense of losing your relationship. Show a positive attitude toward your partner. No matter what the situation is, always remain positive. This positive attitude of yours will leave an impressive impact on your better half and clear your roads to a successful relationship.

8. Sex:

The more you have, the more you want. Alternatively, the less you have the less you want. But having dull sexual life will make your relationship dull as well. You will feel the soul of your partner. “Spice it up” this is not only for the kitchen.


These all are the habits of healthy relationships and it could be easily achieved with a little cooperation and coordination. Moreover, understanding is the foremost consideration of the foundation of every relationship.