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A Visual Guide To Cleaning Jewelry At Home


A person would buy a piece or set of jewelry only for a reason. For instance, a man wouldn’t buy and give a ring to just any other person he knows— it will always be for someone close to his heart, perhaps his girlfriend or mother.

More than its monetary value, jewelry is indispensable because of its sentimental value. Relative to the aforementioned example, a man would give someone a ring to symbolize his love and loyalty, not just because he wants to provide such an extravagant present.

Perhaps this is the reason why most people take good care of their jewelry: It’s not because it’s an expensive fashion accessory, but because it holds a value that is incomparable to any monetary amount.

Reciprocate the affection by regularly cleaning your jewelry and keeping it sparkling new. This infographic from Miladay will guide you on cleaning jewelry with basic household items.