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12 Ways Women Are Saying “I Don’t” to Outdated Wedding Traditions

White Dress to Bridal Outfit

The world is fast changing and from female equality to greater freedom for everyone, these changes are also starting to influence the way we celebrate weddings.

Many of us now accept that weddings should be focused on love and partnership, rather than traditions that may not be for everyone, such as women being ‘given away’.

Daffodil Hotel & Spa have uncovered how brides are doing away with many wedding traditions in search of modern alternatives.

1.      Women no longer feel obliged to wear white

White Dress to Bridal Outfit

Traditionally, brides wore a white wedding dress to symbolise their purity. However, with women now marrying at different ages, remarrying or just not enjoying the colour white, 1 in 3 no longer think that a white wedding dress is necessary. Instead many brides choose to wear a different colour, or even a wedding outfit rather than a dress.

2.      The ‘first look’ is being swapped for quality time together

The moment the groom sees the bride for the first time can make women feel as though they are an object of desire, whose primary asset is their physical beauty. As a modern alternative couples are choosing to spend time together pre-wedding, and often use this extra time to take private photographs.

3.      The bride being ‘given away’ is unnecessary

Traditionally brides were given from their fathers to their husbands. This doesn’t sit well with many women these days and for those who don’t have a close relationship with their dad, this tradition could even be a painful one. Brides are choosing to have friends, mums, aunties walk them down the aisle or are even walking solo.

4.      The wedding speeches are shared by everyone

It’s tradition for the men of the wedding party to make a speech, such as the best man, groom and father. But today, more brides are choosing to step up on their wedding day and many are embracing open speeches where the microphone is passed around the guests and everyone gets a few moments to wish the happy couple well.

5.      Diamonds are no longer a girl’s best friend

 Engagement Rings to Engagement Gifts

Not only do diamonds come with negative environmental connotations, but the idea of a woman wearing a ring to warn off any other potential suitors might not sit easy with modern day brides. For many same sex couples an engagement ring isn’t a great option either. Some couples are choosing to forgo the tradition altogether or are buying each other more meaningful engagement gifts instead.

6.      The bouquet toss has been dropped

Garter Toss to Sweet Toss

When the bride tosses their bouquet, it puts a spotlight on single woman and portrays singledom as undesirable. Instead, some women are choosing to toss sweets and teddy bears for children to catch.

7.      Gift lists are no longer a thing

Wedding Favours to Guest Experiences

You might feel uncomfortable asking people to give you specific gifts or you might just prefer experience over things, with some even wanting to help another person on their big day. Many couples are now asking for money to pay for a honeymoon or donations to a beloved charity.

8.      Guest experience or favours

Rather than favours and fussy décor making a wedding special, couples are choosing to make their big day a unique experience for their guests. Representing their personality as a couple and creating lasting memories, wedding days are a celebration for any couple wanting to celebrate their love.

9.      Bridesmaids no longer need to match

Matching Bridesmaids to Tonal Dresses

Back in the day bridesmaids wore matching dresses and were once believed to distract any evil spirits from attacking the bride. Nowadays brides want their friends to be able to show off their own personalities and often want to include friends of all genders, which means bridesmaids can wear anything from colourful dresses to tuxedos.

10.  Single-use decorations are out

Making sure your big day doesn’t cost the earth is often a focus for modern couples. Trading throw away decorations for reusable souvenirs is all part of this empowering wedding movement.

11.  Weekday weddings are a thing

Weddings no longer have to last just one day. As couples want to include as many people as possible weddings are now lasting multiple days as the bride makes sure everyone is welcome.

12.  Signature cocktails have been introduced

No longer stuck with traditional food and drink – whether you like a Sunday roast and champagne or not – couples are now creating their own signature cocktails to make their big day catering unforgettable.

Discover more about how brides are choosing to rebel against outdated wedding traditions, in favour of experiences that symbolise today’s modern values.


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