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How to strengthen the long-distance relationship during this pandemic


Maintaining a long-distance relationship is not a new thing. But maintaining a long-distance relationship during the pandemic is a new experience for most of us.

Yes, we were used to being apart, but not in the way that the pandemic COVID-19 forced us to be.

The COVID-19 pandemic is also known as the coronavirus pandemic is still accelerating and ongoing globally. For that reason, many countries were going to extend the period of lockdown.

If you happen to be one of the couples that have been separate because of the pandemic, you must be wondering how to maintain your current romantic lives. So in this post, we will share with you the best tips for managing a long-distance relationship during this pandemic.

1# Plan something fun together

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Being far away from each other doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun together. Our technology is a powerful tool, so take advantage of that. With just an internet connection and your smartphone, there are a lot of things that you can do together. Phone sex is one of those things, but we obviously didn’t want to talk about that.

Okay, let us continue with the real topic.

Do something together in real-time, you can take some random online quizzes together and discuss the result. Something like the relationship quizzes and IQ test quizzes is really worth doing. You also can play a game together online. Games like Plato or PUBG mobiles might be the best option to try.

Another thing that you can try is to do some physical activity together while doing a video call. I’ve seen a lot of these online, such as couples celebrating a birthday, a night date, and doing an exercise together.

If you also want to try, maybe you can start with something contra. As an example, you love to cook, but your partner, not really like it. If they don’t mind, maybe you can ask your partner to prepare the same meal together with you during a video call.

Give them clear instructions on what they should buy, then you can teach them how to cook it live with you. And if you want to tease your partner, you can just challenge them whether they can cook it or not. This challenge could be fun because they need to study the recipe and do something that they’re not used to.

2# Send each other surprise deliveries

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Everyone loves to be surprised by their partner, and the easiest way to surprise is to give them a gift without their expectation. Sending the surprise delivery during lockdown also the best way to show that you do care for them.

You can use this surprise delivery method for a birthday gift or any other special occasion. This method works best if you combine it with method number 1 above.

As an example, you plan to celebrate your partner’s birthday online with a video call. So both of you set up the table for dinner with candles, cake, and all the nice food. On that day, you can surprise them by sending a nice dress for them to wear during the celebration.

This celebration might not be the best celebration you’ve ever had, but it could be the one that you’ll remember forever.

3# Make a future plan together

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You need to believe that the COVID-19 pandemic will end soon. We don’t know when, but it will end soon, that is what we should believe. If you have this mindset, it easier for you to make a plan with your partner.

Use this opportunity to set up your own traveling fund. Or make a list of favorite destinations that you and your partner want to go after the pandemic is gone. This future plan will give you hope and objectives that you should survive this together.

Remember, today’s promises will be tomorrow’s dreams.

4# Make time for them


If both of you are working from home, make sure to set a specific time to talk to your partner. Don’t talk to your partner when you doing your jobs or something else. You can’t meet your partner physically, so make sure to be present when you talk to them.

Take this opportunity to learn more about your partner. Try to go deeper with the conversation, you can ask about their career, their future planning, or their biggest dream. But make sure to not cross the line, if your partner has something that they don’t want to talk about, skip the topic.

Some topics are not suitable to be discussed on the phone, if you really want to talk about it, please wait until you can physically meet them.

5# If anything happens, try to create some space


No relationship is perfect, and we’re all stressed with the pandemic situation right now, so conflict is inevitable. If something happens between you and your partner, always take a step back and consider the bigger picture of the whole situation. Do not do or say something that is hard to take back.

Go outside if you really need some air, listen to soothing music, or take a longer shower than usual. Giving yourself space to pay attention to your emotion will reduce the chances that you will blow up or attacking your partner.

You also need to give that space to your partner if they need it. Remember, different people react differently to the problem that they’re facing. The key is to not judge your partner for thinking about something contrastively from you. Learn to accept the facts and come back to your partner when things have cooled down.

This pandemic is undoubtedly challenging for the relationship. But it also can be a good opportunity for you to connect in a more meaningful way. Take a chance to understand your partner better, who knows, maybe this pandemic can make your relationship better and stronger.

On the positive side, this pandemic has given you time and the opportunity to re-evaluate your relationship. Figure out what really matters and focus only on those things.