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How to find your ideal career based on your energy type

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For many, the pandemic was the very first time they had experienced working from home. Two camps quickly formed: some loved it and thrived; others lost their productivity and motivation and felt like they were going insane.

It highlighted a stark reality: the current one-fits-all system is not working. Each person is unique and needs different environments to thrive. Some people feel energized by a fast-paced, 80-hour workweek, and can easily apply strict schedules and discipline to better themselves. Others feel like they can never keep up and are constantly falling behind.

Business women

This is sad because it doesn’t mean that some people are failures and others are just ‘doing what it takes’ to be successful. It just means that not everyone has found the perfect formula where they hit their peak.

As the quote goes: “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

This is where human design can be a useful tool. In the human design model, it states that there are five different types of people who have varying levels of energy and motivation. If each person can understand their body’s unique needs, they can find exactly what works for their individual makeup.

It is sometimes likened to the Myers-Briggs personality test, where people’s energy type has specific characteristics and traits. For example, introverts get tired from interactions, while extroverts feel energized. The difference is that human design uses your birthdate to see your energetic makeup on the day you were born, and then compares it to today.

When you look at your human design, it can answer questions such as: your energy and rest needs; your optimal environments and learning; how you recharge; your strongest traits; and your strengths and weaknesses.

It can be especially useful for people searching for a career or lifestyle that better suits them, if they are at the crossroads of a major decision, or if they want to create a life that makes them happier and fulfilled.

If you don’t know which type you are, you can generate a free graph here and download an introduction report: https://selfwellnessproject.com/find-your-energy-type/

Below we look at how learning your energy type can guide your career decisions. Which type do you think you are?

Manifestors – The Initiators

This archetype loves to follow new ideas and get them started. It is not uncommon that they suddenly feel inspired and make bold moves or run off without telling anyone. But then their energy surge dies down and they often leave many projects unfinished.

This is because their strength is in their ideas and why they feel most inspired and energetic when creating them. They usually have an intensity, big character, or strong charisma that attracts people to get involved.

Manifestors hate to micromanaged or controlled. If they feel restriction, it makes them angry. This is because it stops their flow, creativity, or innovation process. They are usually quite independent and may even forget to tell people what they are doing.

As such, Manifestors thrive in careers where their creativity is encouraged and they are given freedom to experiment. Manifestors also make great leaders to bring their unique ideas to life and have a big impact.  

Generator – The Builders

Generators love to get things done. They are typically energetic people who get a buzz when they can dive into their favorite project, hobby, food, or other interest. They need a career that inspires and excites them, otherwise, they get frustrated, uninspired, unmotivated, lethargic, or unexcited to get up each day. When they feel their frustration or boredom arise, they need to see what it bothering them. Perhaps it’s not about changing their entire career but delegating tasks they dread.

As such, Generators generally need some freedom in their careers and daily lives to have time for things they are passionate about, do tasks they enjoy. That’s when they really tap into that energetic buzz.

Manifesting-Generators – The Innovators

Manifesting generators share qualities of both the Manifestor and Generator; they have many new ideas and the energy to carry them out. They move faster than most people and usually juggle multiple hobbies, interests, and projects.

They love to experiment with new interests and drop them just as quickly. They get bored easily but this is only because they are moving and learning faster than others. This experimentation is important because they usually bring tidbits from their various interests to create a completely unique version of something.

In their careers, they love to feel free to chase their urges and interests and get into their creative flow. It can feel frustrating if their job has too many interruptions, restrictions, or moves too slow to keep with the innovations.

Projectors – The Advisors

Projectors love to give advice because they see so easily how to fix and improve things around them. They love to be recognized and appreciated for this great insight. Their strength comes from their mental abilities, so they often physically tire quickly when forced to work long days. They need more rest and downtime than most.

Projectors make great guides, teachers, consultants, and advisors because they see deeply into systems, projects, and people and know how to fix it. However, this advice can come across as criticism if someone isn’t ready. Projectors are sensitive when people don’t listen and it can make them bitter.

This means they are typically more successful and happier when they are sought out and invited to share their unique perspective, whether to a job interview, business partnership, or any type of relationship.

Reflectors – The Reviewers

Reflectors are quite sensitive to the people and environments around them. Too much interaction leaves them tired and cloudy. They typically need more alone time to clear their mind and reset. They do well in their careers when they have variety in their daily work life, flexibility on how and when they want to work, and plenty of independent working time.

Reflectors usually have flexible ideas and are open to new concepts. They can see all sides to an argument and can be great advisors. They can sense what people need to know and how to get the best of everyone.

There are many more aspects in human design that can direct people into finding a more aligned career. But if you’re one of those people who has been struggling in a high-energy work environment, you’re not alone.


Casey Marriott is a writer and certified human design reader. As one of the
lowest-energy types (reflector), human design has an insightful tool to create
a more aligned life and career. Now she is helping others do the same at