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8 Fitness and Wellness Tips Every Bride Should Know



The big day sets all eyes on you, but are you ready to have all eyes on you???

For this concern a few fitness pros were consulted for expert advice – on how to tone up, become strong, and feel confident about the looks – while the experts behind theme décor and custom décor of Let’s Celebrate were also asked to share their smart observations.

Real talk by Let’s Celebrate Events team: No matter what the dress is and how not-so-heaven-ish the site is, you will look amazing on your wedding. If you’re the bride to be and reading this, remember that a “bride” is the “The Bride” and nothing beats that site. Of course, you must have already started taking detoxes and diet plans, but it’s more important to look healthy.

Nevertheless, keeping your anxiety in mind, here are out collected tips for achieving few fitness gals before you’re ready to walk down the aisle.  Follow these tips to set a smart workout and wellness plan:

Tip #1 – Take a Jump Start

workout women

It’s better to start earlier with your workout plan and put it into effect. This way, you will start seeing the good you will be doing for your body, instead of trying to reach the goal that might not even be realistic and you will end up stressing up yourself. Always leave yourself some wiggle room – there are always good and bad days!

Tip #2 – Keep it Realistic

fitness goal

Don’t ever set up fitness goal that is way bigger than your actual stamina. If you aim too high, you will set yourself up for frustration and failure. You don’t have to be a size two to look perfect, you’re ideal body weight differs from another bride-to-be and should not be compared.

Tip #3 – Understand what it Will Take

cardio session

Fitness experts recommend 30 minutes of cardio session per week with an equal amount of strength training, while the amount will need adjustment according to your goals. If your target requires losing 15 pounds of body weight, you will need to add in cardio for up to 5 or 6 days a week. NOTE: Cardio can be anything, from cycling, brisk walks, jogging, or even skipping rope. Do what you love and for better results, push yourself a bit harder.

Tip #4 – Manage Your Eating Habits

Eating Habits

To achieve even better results from exercise routine, you will need to watch over your eating habits. You can use diet alone to lose weight, but it is pretty difficult to leave diet same and exercise to lose body fat. The best way to take a start is by eating more vegetables. Also focus on super foods as eggs, broccoli, and walnuts that can fill you up better.

Tip #5 – Lose the Fat and Not Muscles

Weight Loss

The body has a cap to the fat you can lose in a certain time frame. Of course you can go beyond the capped time, but in that case the weight you lose will not be from the fat. The lost weight will be from the muscle, where losing weight form the muscles is not healthy. For instance if you’re aiming to lose 20 pounds, try losing one % per week.

Tip #6 – Set Smaller Goals

Smaller Goals

The effort of doing something persistently than hitting the goal at once is more motivational and the key here is small goals. For example: add 20 minutes cardio and strength training for two times a week for the first week. In the second week, repeat the same with an additional 10 minutes of cardio. And write everything down!

Tip #7 – Keep a Visual Diary


Taking selfies for your tracking your fitness progress can help a lot. Most of the times when you work out, you add muscles but lose fat. He scale might tell you that you haven’t lost much, yet a picture can clearly tell you how much you’re losing and toning up.

Tip #8 – Change Your Perspective

gym session

Consider your gym timing as sessions you can actually control instead of looking at it as chores. With the wedding planning, ideas of decorations, and dress, guests and even more, you can stress less with something that will actually make you feel better. Moreover, this is one place where you can be yourself and focus on making yourself look even better.