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Which Hand Does the Wedding and Engagement Ring Go On?

Ring Finger

We all follow it – the traditions – though we change some, but there are some that we love! The ring finger for engagement ring and wedding ring has always remained the same and continues to be this way forever. But ever wondered about the reason behind this tradition?

Here’s an insight into the tradition of wearing a diamond ring in that specified ring finger:

The Meaning of Ring Finger

Ring Finger

The tradition that holds for engagement or wedding ring to be worn on fourth finger of the left hand is romantic, but the meaning or reason that it has is false.

A design expert for diamond wedding rings at Aida Design US explains that ancient Romans believed that a vein in this finger connected directly with the heart also known as the “Vein of Love”. Therefore it was believed that lovers should wear their symbol of love on the very specific lifeline.

We know that there’s no vein behind all this, but we still love the story! And the tradition of wearing the engagement or wedding ring on the fourth finger continues.

The Wedding Ring Finger

Wedding Ring Finger

Wedding rings and especially diamond wedding rings are a powerful symbol of eternal love. This tradition is being practiced since the Egyptian times i.e. 4,800 years ago. The meaning of an Egyptian wedding ring was: the circle symbolized eternity, the hole in the center also had a significant meaning – a door or a gateway. When a woman was given the ring, it showed immortal love of the man for her.

There are certainly no rules for the choice of the metal in the ring and even for the matching of the rings. The choice of a wedding ring can vary in design, stones, and cost – all depending on what you like and what you can afford.

The Engagement Ring Finger

Engagement diamond rings appeared only recently, the first recorded diamond engagement ring appeared in 1477. The ring had hogback diamonds arranged in the shape of a Gothic letter M, and this was the spark to the entire trend.

Diamonds in specific have always been an eternal love and commitment symbol since ever. Diamond is known as the hardest stone and this feature stands for its durability, everlasting love, and a strong promise for forever. Every diamond is also rare and unique just how every love story is unique.

But even then, Diamonds are not the only stones that meet the engagement ring requirements. You can use all kinds of gemstones to complete you sense of style. Today, even the men are seen wearing engagement rings, which is not a tradition.

So, Which Finger is for the Wedding Ring?

Wedding Ring

Well if your wedding is due in the next few months, you must be wondering where to put that when the finger is already sparkling with a diamond on the same finger?

The first thing to note is that a wedding band is generally worn closer to the heart, before the engagement ring.

The next best possible way is to move your engagement ring to your right hand before walking to aisle, so your fiancé can easily put on the ring on your left hand. Once done with the ceremony, you can place the ring over the band.

If you have a concern for the size of the engagement ring and wedding ring differing, simply adjust them in whichever order you want. At the end of the day, it’s all about your comfort and liking.

There may be traditions, but there are certainly no rules and breaking the engagement ring rules gives you more choices.

The Promise Ring Finger

Promise Ring Finger

Unlike the engagement rings and wedding rings, the tradition of promise ring dates back to the 16th century, promising that an engagement would ensue. A promise ring today means different things; a symbol for exclusivity of relationship, symbol of newfound love and commitment, it can also mean a promise to get married one day etc.

Some people believe that a promise ring is a pre-engagement ring – which might not be the case always, but it is.

Most of the times, couples choose to wear a promise ring so they can take it as a symbol for where their marriage is heading.

A promise ring doesn’t have a hard and fast rule for the placement of the ring. Some couples use the same engagement ring finger, while others might find the fourth finger of the left hand useful, and some might consider use any finger, since it’s not an official engagement.

If you’re wearing a promise ring on your left hand’s fourth finger, then as per tradition you will need to move the finger elsewhere. And remember that, the wedding jewelry whether wedding ring and it’s type or a design, whatever is the case, it’s completely a personal choice everyone has the right to express they personal preferences.


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