Yoga For a Healthier Hair

We all know that yoga is good for your skin in many ways. Yoga can improve the health  of your skin and tone your face, among other things. But you probably don’t know that yoga has beauty benefits for your body that go beyond your skin. Yoga for hair growth can also help your hair look and feel better.    

Yoga for Healthy Hair

Yoga for Healthy Hair

People are experiencing hair difficulties at a younger age as a result of a combination of causes, including an unhealthy diet, a sedentary lifestyle, and stress brought on by either overworking or overthinking. Concerns about hair loss and thinning hair are common among young adults of both sexes due in large part to the influence of these causes. 

Yoga, meditation, and regular exercise become crucial in such a situation for the sake of overall health and the growth of strong, lustrous hair. In order to get your ideal hair health, it is essential to recognise that Yoga can be a great aid. Toxins are flushed out of the body and hormone levels are maintained by regular Yoga practice, both of which contribute to the health of the internal organs responsible for hair growth.

How Yoga Works for Hair Growth

Here’s how yoga works its magic on your spirit, your body, and your hair. Yoga, which means “union,” is a way to move and breathe together. In turn, doing a yoga posture (called a “asana” in Sanskrit) forces you to be in the present moment. Think of it as  meditating on the move. 

Yoga postures, also called yoga asanas, improve the flow of healthy blood and blood circulation. Getting blood to the scalp can help hair grow in a healthy way. Increase blood flow to the hair follicles by brushing and/or massaging the scalp, which will result in faster hair growth. It is possible to promote healthy hair development by massaging the scalp with Redensyl hair serum, either by hand or using a handheld scalp massager.

Benefits of Hair Yoga’s

If you want to use yoga to promote hair development, you should focus on poses that target the top of your head. For instance, in yoga for hair, any forward bending postures are considered appropriate. The practice of these yoga postures has been shown to increase cerebral blood flow. More oxygen entering the cells is beneficial to the neurological system as a whole.

Other hair issues that can be helped by practicing yoga asanas are:

The Loss of Hair

Hair thinning

Graying out too soon

No new hair growth

5 Yoga asanas for natural hair

1. Adho mukha savasana

Position yourself on the yoga mat on all fours, with your knees and hands facing down. Raise yourself up onto your toes and move your legs back so that your body makes the shape of an upside-down V. Maintain a straight stance with your knees and arms, and pull your stomach in toward your spine. Maintain a low head position and focus your eyes on the area around your navel. Continue to take deep breaths in and out while you maintain that position for a total of five breaths.

2. Sirsasana (head stand)  

Kneel down on the floor, interlock your fingers, and bend your head down. Holding the top of your head with your hands, gently lift your legs up so that they are perpendicular to the ground. Keep your arms and legs close together. Try to stay balanced in this pose for a few seconds once your body is stable in it. In this position, relax your toes and breathe out and in.

3. Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose)

Kneel down and sit with your heels close together and your back and neck straight. Keep your head and eyes straight and your hands relaxed on your thighs with the palms facing down. Hold that position for at least 30 seconds while taking deep, slow breaths. When you’re done, take a break and stretch.

4. Sarvangasana (shoulder stand)

Lay on your back and straighten both your legs and your back. Keep your buttocks straight and up and support your body with your forearms. Let your body rest on your shoulders, and keep your spine straight with your hands. Keep your toes straight, your neck straight, and your eyes on your feet. Hold the pose, breathe in and out for a few seconds, and then let go.

5. Uttanasana (forward camel pose)

Straighten your back and bring your legs close together. Raise your arms, take a deep breath, and bend forward while keeping your arms straight. Touch your palms to the mat right next to your heels and stay there for a few seconds. Keep your head and eyes down and your neck relaxed during this time. Also, pull in your stomach muscles. Exhale as you stand up. Do it more than once.


Yoga does help increase blood flow to the scalp. The hair will grow better this way. Therefore, if you’re losing a lot of hair, you should start a regular yoga practice and adopt other habits that promote healthy hair.