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Hot Trends 2020: Kitchens Are Going Back to Black

Black Kitchen Accessories

Who said kitchens were not in black in colour? Although now cooking places have high decor with vibrant colours, the aura of the black kitchen is unfathomable. To set up a black cooking place, you will need to read many other articles to suit it best.

With the evolving designing styles of home decor, the kitchens have always been the focus. In the past few years, the kitchen interiors have gone from classy browns to jocund colours. But, as the tendency is going back, the vintage has become a trend, in 2020, black kitchen design is coming back in vogue.

When it comes to designing the kitchens, people are mostly concerned about the colours and texture of the cabinets, tiles, sinks, etc. Nevertheless, black kitchens ideas are always chic, bold, and classy. However, a lot can be experimented with.

Here are a few inspirations for 2020s black kitchen trends:

Black Kitchen Designs

Black Kitchen

  • Beadboard

Headboards have the magic to turn your kitchen’s backsplash from a boring solid coloured wall to a standard one. Talking about black kitchen ideas, a dark beadboard will go really well with the cookhouse’s decor. Also, it is necessary to keep the beadboard completely black. You can also do a colour combination with shades that go well with black. Then, a lot of things look great on the beadboard, and many things get covered in it.

  • Cabinets 

What is more unique and classy than black cabinets with a small interior light inside? The importance of kitchen cabinets can be understood only by the person who works in it. Without cabinets, the cooking place looks bland and helpless. Cabinets are good storage places, and the best part about it is that it can be designed in very creative ways also. Black-themed cookhouses can have white cabinets also.

  • Lighting 

Dark-coloured cooking places shine with excellent lighting setup. There are brilliant lighting ideas that can enhance the look of your dark tone cookhouse. The best ones are recessed lights and directional recessed lights. Moreover, decorative pendant lights and spotlights look really pretty in the cooking place. Lastly, cabinet lighting is a mandatory fixture.

  • Colouration 

If you like to experiment with black, then you can try vibrant colours with it too. For instance, in a black-themed kitchen, the cabinets can be colourful. In this way, the colours of your kitchen will pop out beautifully. Moreover, for a completely dark-themed kitchen, you keep the black matte or glossy type.

Black Kitchen Accessories

Black Kitchen Accessories

Accessories bring life to any monotonous place. The best tools to own for your cooking place should be given much importance.

  • Potted Plants

        To accessorize your black kitchen, you can place potted plants in the windows of your cookhouse.  Plants such as Hedera, lemon button fern, frosty fern, prayer plant, etc. You can also keep potted plants at the entrance of your kitchen.

  • Table and Chair

A lot of modern cookhouses are adapting to this very sophisticated black kitchen trend of placing small or big tables and chairs in the kitchen, with many varieties. This concept gives a fresh taste to the decoration of the cookhouse as well as it is really helpful for the person using the cooking place.

  • Cooking Books

Reading gives you a feeling of serenity, so there is no harm in accessorizing your black kitchen with books on a small shelf.

Black kitchen wall decor

Black Kitchen wall

  • Textured Tile

Textured tiles look best on the backsplash. They give a homey feeling. It looks very simple but complete in itself.

  • Sunburst Pattern

The diagonal lines in golden coloured strips will look perfect around a window with a sink.

  • Statement Marble

This tile can be used both on the backsplash and on the kitchen slab. The black and white patterns will instantly catch your attention.

  • Reclaimed Wood

How can we forget about the timeless wood designing for the tiles? A wooden background for the said type is unbeatable.

Black kitchen floor tile

kitchen floor tile

  1.     White Tiles

For a black cookhouse, contrasting white tiles are enough to do the job.  Absolutely, furnished white tiles look very classy, although are tough to maintain.

  1.   Dark Grey Polished Floor Tile 

Grey with black is a suitable combination. So in a black kitchen, grey polished tiles will look great.

  1. Wooden Flooring

This flooring never goes out of style. So you can always bank upon it.

Black Kitchen Sink

Stainless steel sinks are the best for any cooking place, be it a black kitchen also. Nevertheless, marble-based sinks look much better and are easy to clean. Sinks made of fireclay are also highly in demand and will suit a black-themed kitchen.

Black Kitchens are far more sophisticated and modish than the usual kitchen interiors. There are many interesting ways in which you can play with the decor of your dark-coloured cookhouse. A lot of the interiors of this type of kitchen depend on how you decide to decorate it and give your cookhouse an unimaginable outlook! What color is your kitchen? What materials did you use? Please share with us in the comments section.

Author’s Bio:

Kevin is a content writer for about 3 years. He studied Design and Arts at College in Pennsylvania. A fan of home interior design and, he has taken it upon himself to spread his love for decorating homes by informing people on some of his ideas through his articles.