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Enjoying a brilliant geographical location, numerous accolades in engineering, and a sea of tourists every year, Dubai is one of the most-visited cities in the world. It’s not just the ultimate family entertainment destination, the city attracts solo female travelers too because of its liberal society, tough laws and rejuvenating paths.

 So, for all the independent girls out there who want to take a tour of Dubai on their own like a boss, here are top recommendations of things to do-

1. Visit Burj Khalifa


Any Dubai trip is incomplete without ascending the world’s tallest building. The iconic monument, Burj Khalifa has the combo tickets that will allow you to see the city through the telescope on the 124th floor, immerse in the 360 views on the 125th floor and gaze at the unparalleled panorama from the world’ highest observation deck on 148th floor. Sip tea, relax in the opulent lounge, take a virtual tour and ride on the fastest elevator.

2. Take the ride of Dubai Desert Safari


The city that is teeming with skyscrapers and all kinds of contemporary actions has an oasis within its boundaries. That means as you drive out from the Downtown towards the outskirts, the building starts to diminish and an endless stretch of golden sand could be seen. There are impeccable range of Dubai Desert safari tours and their guests rolling on the sand, bashing the dunes and skating through it. The camping is extraordinary where you revel in live shows, devour the sumptuous buffet dinner and get henna painting on hands. Contact only the reliable local agents who guarantee safety and comfort.

3. Stroll on Jumeirah Beach

Dubai beach

A stretch of white sand, Jumeirah beach is a pretty and immaculate public beach. Lined by resorts, hotels, and cafes, the beach is brimming with exhilarating activities. Overlooking the Burj Al Arab, you can dine in the beachfront restaurants, indulge in watersports, bask in the sun and pack a picnic. If you are lucky, you can be a part of the many food festivals held on frequent occasions here.

4. Sail on the Dhow Cruise Marina


At night, hop aboard the traditional boat revamped to a floating, double-deck restaurant. It is the best place to taste the hospitality of Dubai. You are politely greeted with unlimited refreshments and later served and entertained throughout your ride in the Arabic style. The live shows like Tanoura and magic acts are arranged. A lavish buffet is spread out consisting of everything from starters to dessert. You just have to sit back, enjoy the company and admire the dynamic skyline.

5. Indulge in luxury Shopping


The one thing that most girls are fond of, is shopping. In fact, a lot of shopping! And Dubai takes the shopping quotient very seriously. It has some amazing malls that would have your eyebrows widened and jaws touching the floors in amazement. Dubai Mall is more than the typical mall with a range of entertainment, Mall fo the emirates is exceptionally constructed and the traditional souks have cheap gold, perfumes, carpets and more. And to take advantage of these brands, visit during the DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival), which broadcasts blockbuster sales, great discounts and massive savings for a month.

  1. Have a whale of time at Nightclubs

Thinking of letting your hair down at those bars and nightclubs in Dubai? You are going to have a blast because Dubai’s nightlife is extremely lively and exuberant. The world’s highest restaurant, At.Mosphere, has launched the ladies night every week, so raise the glass of bubbly and dance. There are some exclusive and fashionable restaurants and clubs like Okku, Barbary Deli + Cocktail Club, Ramusake, and Crab Market which have a stunning ladies night. Do check out the recent calendar of events for more information.

With all the easy transportation and multicultural cuisine, traveling around is interesting, Since, Dubai is a hot place, keep yourself hydrated. Also, wear a decent dress that abides by its rules. Carry emergency numbers to avoid any shortcomings. Have a happy journey!