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7 Things Every Women Should Know When Travelling

If you are a woman looking to travel abroad, there are certain things to consider when touring the globe. Naturally, safety will one of the top things to consider but what should you pack and how should you travel? Are you looking to travel in style or budget your way to as many places as possible. In this article, we look at the top things you should consider doing before you travel across the globe.

1. Preparing your Flights

Booking your flights should be the first thing you are doing. If you are anything like me, you will be disorganised and prioritise getting your hair done. Before you do that, have a look at finding cheap flights to your destination. There are many sites on the internet, however I found plenty of cheap flights on Travangelo, which had a great selection of destinations! Booking couldn’t be easier and will kick start your holiday.

2. Watch your Drinking

We have all heard about this kind of thing on the news. A drunk female holiday maker has something unfortunate happen to them. Be aware that this kind of thing does happen, so you should be very careful of the people you are drinking with and make sure you are with someone who you can trust as must as possible. Holiday makers often stick out like a sore thumb and make themselves easy targets to locals.

3. Blend in as much as possible

With the above advice, one thing is to make sure you blend in with your environment. Research fashion and common items that are worn at the places you are going to visit. Don’t wear too much bling to make yourself stand out. You will be making yourself stick out even more and increase the likelihood of thievery.

4. Learning key phrases

Learning key phrases in your destinations language is handy for multiple things such as ordering a drink or food. It is also recommended to learn words such as ‘help’ or ‘leave me alone’ so that potential threats instantly understand that you are not comfortable in a given situation. Often, bystanders will also lend a hand if they realise you are in any kind of uncomfortable situation.

5. Don’t trust everyone

Some people may seem very friendly to begin with; however they may have an alternative motive. Typically, everybody wants something and this can be for the better or worse. Be very careful who you trust, especially if you are introduced to someone whilst you are travelling. You never know who you will meet.

6. Consider purchasing travel insurance

If you are travelling to multiple places and are considering doing multiple activities, you may want to think about travel insurance. Imagine if you had a bad break and had to be healed in a local hospital without cover. It would mean you would have to pay a small fortune in hospital costs. Be sure to get covered!

7. Make regular calls back home

Your friends and family will most certainly be missing you. Be sure to let them know that you are okay and also tell them all about your awesome adventures! Pictures and videos will be essential for you to show off your holiday!