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7 Comfortable Yet Stylish Workout Clothes for Women

workout clothes women

The type of clothes you wear as you try to get in shape can spell a big difference for your workout’s success.

To feel extra good while hitting the gym, you need to choose your workout clothes really well. You want to dress up in the most comfortable way possible without sacrificing your desire to look cool and fashionable.

Here are some great picks for workout buffs like you when it comes to choosing what to wear for training.

workout clothes women

1. Compression leggings

Unlike regular tights or leggings that are usually used as fashion wear, compression leggings are meant to provide you with a workout gear that’s perfect for highly physical activities.

Compression leggings offer protection from common strains or injuries. They’re also designed to improve blood flow and circulation, so your muscles receive more oxygen to help them cope with strenuous exercises.

Compression tights or leggings are made of lightweight materials, so you can move comfortably in them without feeling restricted. The fact that they can repel moisture is a plus factor in making you feel comfortable as you sweat it out to get in shape.

2. Sports bra

Whatever name you call it—T-shirt bra, sports bra, or sports bralette—you need to focus more on what your top workout clothes are supposed to do. They should compress your breasts and keep them immobilized as you move about while you train in the gym or do outdoor sports. Sports bras come in various colors, fabric, and designs to help you rock the look you want.

workout clothes women

3. Dri-Fit clothing

Dri-Fit sportswear products are very popular because of the way they keep the body of athletes and health enthusiasts, well, dry from excessive sweating. Dri-fit clothing brings the sweat from your skin to the surface, so that your body still feels cool while exercising.

You can wear dri-fit clothing as a base layer or on its own so that you can head out to the fitness center in no time. Dri-fit workout clothing includes running tops, T-shirts, jackets, running tanks, and so on.

You can even shop for some really nice-looking dri-fit headbands to match your maternity workout clothes. Who says keeping fit while pregnant and looking fashionable at the same time isn’t possible?

4. Track pants

Hollywood celebrities have been photographed in their tracksuits, paving the way for the so-called “athleisure” trend in fashion. Wikipedia says athleisure outfits “can include yoga pants, tights, sneakers, leggings, and shorts, that ‘look like athletic wear,’ characterized as ‘fashionable, dressed up sweats, and exercise clothing.’”

Track pants are now considered an essential part of activewear since they’re ideal for running, walking, and working out. Those made from polyester work particularly well in keeping your body cool and dry.

Their flexibility and elasticity also allow you to perform a wide range of leg exercises without giving you that annoying icky feeling. And just like your fave stars, you can wear your trackies alongside any top like a T-shirt, zip-up hoodie, and other sporty trainers—and still look fab.

5. Biker shorts

Over recent years, things have significantly evolved everywhere, including in the fashion world. Biker shorts used to be ordinary-looking, with only plain black ones as top choices. Today, you can snag a pair of biker shorts in ultra-chic designs and a variety of colors.

Biker shorts can make you feel super comfy, with high-rise elasticized waist and wicking fabric to draw away moisture from your body.

workout clothes women

6. Cotton shirt or sweatshirt

Although cotton absorbs moisture like sweat, shirts or sweatshirts made from this material can still be your go-to workout clothes, provided that you choose them well.

For example, you can look for a workout outfit that has a straight, loose cut so that it flows nicely instead of being tightly wrapped around your body. You can also go for activewear that uses organic cotton—the fact that it doesn’t use pesticides or other harmful substances means it’s something that you can wear safely, without irritating your skin.

7. Sports vest top

Inspired by the vest type of garment for men, a sports vest top for women serves as an outer garment that you can wear on top of sweat-wicking clothing. You can choose something that has a loose fit and fast-drying fabric, so your skin can breathe freely.

Fitness and Fashion Collide

We all have workout clothes that we fancy, but just make sure that you choose something that fits your body, your type of workout, and the kind of environment where you usually do your routine. These things can inspire you to work out more consistently, leading to some really great results for your fitness goals.