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5 Best Women Activewear and Luxury Athleisure Brands

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Fashion runways or streets and activewear can be seen everywhere. Throughout the fitness gyms and even cafes, women’s activewear is a mainstay. The fact that several brands have begun launching their luxury activewear collections is largely due to this; however, all we are interested in is relying on some of the best brands. The best brands can certainly be hard to decide when in a hurry. But now that’s over! These are the top 5 best women’s activewear brands you need to know about. But before you choose a brand, here are some things you should consider.

fitness level

Factors to consider before shopping

Even though a wide market with several activewear brands has its benefits, don’t forget that it also has its drawbacks. Not all the brands can be relied on, and therefore these are the factors that you should consider while you are shopping for women’s activewear.

–          Affordability:

Before you give in and start buying your favorite activewear for women, it is essential to know the costs. There are a lot of brands that are looting the customers; you may get all of these outfits somewhere else too, but because of the big name of the brand, you are trapped! Look for the prices, and compare before you hand in your credit card.

–          Fabrics

Not everyone that looks comfortable is comfortable. Before you buy your activewear, look if the material you are choosing is comfortable or not. Even if you have a little doubt, it is advisable to not opt for it. Choose fabrics that are not too costly but are the best for your workout sessions.

–          Reviews of the brands

The only people who can tell you what they like about the brand are the people who have used it. Due to a large number of brands on the market, it can be difficult to determine which the best one without reading reviews on it is. Before you buy anything, look for the brands that have good reviews about their products and the services too.

Now that you know the factors that you should consider while shopping for workout clothes for women, here are the top 5 brands that you can rely on.

1)      La Rouge

When it comes to the best workout clothes for women, La Rouge has always been top on the list. Over these years, the fashion enthusiasts working at La Rouge have always made sure that the customers wearing their clothing line take their workout game to another level. Being one of the one-stop-shop, we know the activewear needs of our clients; be it a gym junky, a bodybuilder, or a powerlifter, we have clothes for everyone. No matter what body size you are, we are here to serve you the best!

2)      Fabletics

One of the other most opted brands for activewear addicts is Fabletics. While offering all the stylish workout clothes for women, they make sure that whatever clothing line they are offering is affordable. All the pretty colors and patterns can be found in their activewear collection, and there’s no doubt in saying that easing your workout session with these clothes is all you would want!

3)      Onzie

If you are looking for the best activewear for women, Onzie can be a great choice for you.  They have got the best clothing pieces for everything. Whether you are looking for a matching set of leggings and bra or want floral loungewear or activewear, they can give you all. Find a wide and varied collection activewear collection in an affordable range.

4)      Alo Yoga

Not just the editors of big magazines but all your favorite celebrities are also loving the new activewear collection of Alo Yoga. One of their recent leggings is getting loved by people all around the globe, and this proves how much this brand is optable for people. Ranging from breezy tank tops to pretty sports bras, they offer them all!

5)      Public Rec

Rising high on social media, Public Rec is one of the workout clothing lines for women that tailor comfortable yet stylish activewear for women. The fashionistas at Public Rec design beautiful clothes that are both relaxed, fit, and look beautiful too.

Since you now know these brands, you know that you can shop from reliable activewear brands. With all of these tried and tested brands, you will no longer have to worry about being scammed by fabrics and everything else. So, if you are looking forward to upgrading your collection of best activewear for women, this is the best chance! Start shopping now, and be sure to wear what you love.


Hello, I am a professional fashion stylist at La Rouge, a place where you get both affordable rates and qualified products. We make sure you get everything you need, whether it’s gym suits and accessories for men or women, at our store. We provide a large range of top-notch items that fit within your budget. Here’s to a large collection of your favorite activewear!