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Things every woman should know to cope with a void in you!!

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This is the moment of conversation between the two women of the house from the movie “Roma.” Irrespective of age, profession, and wealth, we women felt loneliness. Whatever the rating of your life’s success meter shows, no matter how happily binds with your relationship, void or emptiness never leaves you alone.
Do you ever felt that mysterious void in you?

Then this is the blog for you!!

Void is the state of mind that finds no meaning in the day to day life. Void is feeling the hollow space in your soul that causes “detachment” from everything around you. There are tons of reasons for this hollow space, such as a breakup, trauma from the past, disappointments, loss of someone or something, dysfunctional family, and longing for someone. As time goes by, that hollow is profoundly rooted and pushes you into the “abyss of nothingness”.

The most challenging phase is embracing the void in hand and pretending everything is fine in you. Some practices would help you to fill the void. Though it’s painful, these will be your last resort.

Accept the void:

“Acceptance” is a scary word. None other than children ever accept what they felt or what they want or what they wanted to do. Aging teaches us to hide our actual desires and pain. But this time, hiding the “real you” won’t help you. Hiding the pain baffles your soul and not let to seek a way to fill the void. Going through the void is the only way out. Initially, it must be a hard practice to acknowledge that you are drowning in the void. The process of Healing will start only from your acknowledgment.

Confess what you felt:

“Confession” is another hardcore step to take. It’s okay that you couldn’t share your propensity with everyone candidly. But you could do the same with the people who earned your trust. Confessing is like venting out your feelings into the air that dissipates the void little by little. Communicating with our beloved ones would be therapy.

Write your feelings:

“Comprehend your feelings into the write-up “is slightly close to the confession. In Wong Kar Wai movies, the person inflicted by the agony of loneliness eventually finds a secret place to conceal his loneliness. Likewise, writing helps you to leave your nothingness in the pauses between the sentences. Write every haunting thing in your journal daily. Who knows, one day, the pain of void disappeared in your writings?

Find what you like and dislike:

Do you know where your soul belongs to?

Have you experienced the feeling of “Belongingness” in any of your deeds?
If yes, that particular deed will be your solace. For example, some found solace in planting, some in cooking. No matter how busy you are, find some time for doing the things which bring self-satisfaction to the soul. This is not an act of selfishness. It’s all about self-care and self-love.

Do you know when you do what you love the most; you will get one more reason to love your soul.
Most of the time, we fear to meet our vulnerable & painful part of the soul. In that time, we try to escape from it by doing some distracting activities like meaningless sex, drugs, alcohol, movies and chat with random people. These distractions temporarily keep you away from the emptiness, not perpetually.

As per John Green’s words, “That’s the thing about the pain, it demands to be felt.”

Instead of distraction, embrace your void honestly. Without any fear, deal with that and explore its depth. Travel with your emptiness and find where it leads you!!

Yes!! There are some possibilities to fill the void!!

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Melvin Joe