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7 Best Frameless Glass Shower Doors Ideas For Your Bathroom

Sliding Frameless Glass Shower Doors

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The bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in a home. That’s why each and every element in the bathroom should be beautiful. The glass shower doors has been becoming an integral part of bathroom décor as they beautifully enclose shower space while adding elegance. Now frameless glass shower doors are becoming popular within contemporary bathroom designs. These are available in different designs and style. It creates the feeling of more space and makes even the most functional room. For more inspiration, check out these best frameless glass shower enclosure ideas that are sure to transform bathroom into your dream bathroom.

1. Sliding Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Sliding Frameless Glass Shower Doors

For tiny bathrooms, sliding frameless glass shower doors are the best options. Consider installing sliding glass shower to enclose the shower area in the corner where space is limited for swinging door. This is why it is the best space saving solution in small bathroom designs.

2. Tub Enclosure

Frameless Glass Shower

The addition of a bathtub in the shower area is a new trend. In contemporary bathroom designs, it’s a great choice to place bathtub in the shower area to make your shower area cool. Consider installing a hinged tempered glass instead of a shower curtain that’ll add more personality to your bathroom décor.

3. Textured Glass Enclosure

If privacy is a concern you can install a textured glass enclosure that’ll add a stunning feature in your bathroom design. Textured glass doors are available in different designs and styles. Ensuring increased privacy these are the perfect solution for shared bathroom.

4. Double Entry Shower

Now glass shower doors can offer more than one entrance. Add more versatility and practicality to your bathroom by installing double entry shower door. These are a great choice for narrow and tall bathroom. A frosted glass door offers more than one entrance while giving more space in the shower. Try frosting a penal to ensure privacy, while creating a luxurious atmosphere in your bathroom.

5. Custom Shower Glass enclosure

Frameless-Glass Shower

The frameless glass shower doors are available in a huge variety. They can be handcrafted, sandblast frosted and 3D carved. You can add more character to your shower space by customizing a stunning glass shower door that enhance your bathroom decor.

6. Ceiling Mount Shower Door

Another way to save space in tight bathroom is by mounting a floor-to-ceiling frameless glass shower door. It is a great option for both small and large bathrooms. For larger bathrooms incorporate floor to ceiling shower door with glass shower walls and stone tile to add more elegance.

7. Bi-fold Frameless Shower Door

For small bathrooms, bi-fold frameless glass doors are ideal as they beautifully enclose the shower area without encroaching on the outside space. Slim profile bi-fold door will create a spacious shower area and give a modern look and feel. These doors fold away easily without hitting anything. These doors work perfectly even in the tightest bathroom spaces.