Geeky Child

Geeky Child

Learning begins at home. Providing the kids with a proper environment conducive to learning at homes is as important as getting them admitted to a nice school. Moreover, parents can make the learning process even more fun for the kids. Of late, a lot of parents and guardians are resorting to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) based toys for their children. These toys are the latest rage among the parents as well as the kids and are the best ways to instill core scientific and social concepts like waste management, energy conservation, basic computer programming among the kids.

If you are one such parent looking forward to gifting something unique to your child anytime soon, you have landed on the right page. Here, we have brought you six exclusive gift ideas for your budding genius. Read ahead –

1. Web Design For Babies

Web Design

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A decent gift for a geeky child, the book inspires the child to explore the world of programming at a very young age. The book effectively introduces HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other basic programming concepts in a fun way. The book features bright colors, creative and interesting imaginative characters and lively animations. This STEM toy gives the child an opportunity to explore the interactive world of web-designing. If you are a serious coder parent trying to introduce your child to the field, you would not find a gift better than this. It is the perfect gift to channelize your child’s interest towards computer science.

2. Periodic Table Blocks

A unique handmade gift to develop your geeky child’s memory power and cognitive learning, this kit contains a variety of attractive pieces. It is the best way to make your child learn the various elements of the periodic table without pushing him into rote learning. The blocks are printed with non-toxic, lead-free and child-safe inks. This STEM toy is one of the best pieces for keeping the kid engaged in an intellectual activity for hours. Your child can even be joined by his friends in the process, thus promoting teamwork.

3. Coding Board Game

This unique geeky gift for a geeky child can make anyone learn computer programming like never before. The STEM toy is a fun-filled educational game that enhances progressive learning in kids.  Although the commands for the bots used in the game are written in Java, they are readable as simple English. No prior programming skills are required for the game. It is ideal for all the parents and guardians who want to add programming and problem solving to the respective skill sets of their children.

4. Circuit Kit

Circuit Kit

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This circuit kit has been designed exclusively for geeky children. It provides the children with a hands-on designing and building experience with the aid of electrical circuits. It is a STEM curriculum based project and can keep your little genius busy for hours with its extensive manual containing a whole lot of circuit ideas. The kit can even be paired with brick sets and other additional play sets to expand the domain of model ideas.

5. Science Kit

Science Kit

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Another interesting gift idea for your young scientist is an interactive science kit. The kit usually comes equipped with a lot of equipment like test tube stands, pipettes, measuring scoops, science mugs, and some other fun stuff. It is the best way to teach your kid the basics of science from names of laboratory pieces of equipment to chemical reactions. The toy is a STEM-based piece and promotes cognitive learning among the children.

6. Robot Car Kit

Robot Car Kit

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A robot kit is another awesome gift idea for your smarter-for-age child. This STEM-based toy allows the kids to build their own geo robot car which uses salt water or solar power as a source of energy. The kit is powered by renewable sources of energy, thus helping the kids understand the concept of saving resources, their importance and shortage on Earth. The kit is completely safe and non-toxic. It does not need any screws or tools and lets the child build the car from scratch using well-labeled parts. It is a great tool for enhancing the problem-solving capabilities of the child and make him habitual in solving complex problems.

Hence, these were some of the most popular geeky gifts for your geeky child. Children have a very sharp brain. A little bit of encouragement and channelizing their energies and enthusiasm in the right direction can make them bring laurels to the community. Being a guardian, it is one of your prime responsibilities to encourage healthy and happy learning.

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