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5 Forgotten Spaces in Your Home You Need to Clean

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Are you proud of your home and keeping it thoroughly clean? Most of us love a clean and tidy home. However, despite thoroughly dusting, cleaning, and hoovering the floors, there are some hidden spaces in between that we’ve all been missing.

Let’s take a look at the 5 spaces in your home you’ve probably been forgetting to clean.

1.    Clean Your Remote Controls Regularly

Remote Controls

Many of us wind down at the end of a busy week with a bowl of popcorn and a drink. But have you ever thought about the number of times you’ve not washed your hands after work and then picked up the remote control?

Touching your remote control without washing your hands can spread germs rapidly from one surface to another. And what makes it even worse is the fact that many people forget to clean their remote controls on a regular basis.

All it takes it a quick spritz with some antibacterial spray and a wipe with a cloth. It really is that simple, but it can make all the difference to the hygiene of your home!

2.    Shine Your Shower Curtain


If you’re good at keeping on top of the cleaning in your home, it’s likely you thoroughly clean your bathroom once a week – and that’s great! But have you ever thought about cleaning the shower curtain?

Unfortunately, simply rinsing your shower curtain after your morning wash is not enough, it requires a thorough wash at least once a month.

It’s a simple job and you can put your shower curtain in the wash (on the eco cycle) with your towels to help you remember! After the wash, re-hang your shower curtain while wet and it will dry during the day as normal.

It’s a quick and easy job but it will reduce the spread of bacteria and the growth of mould and mildew around the edge of your shower curtain.

3.    Clean Behind Your Furniture to Reduce Pest Hideouts

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Many of us clean the tops and fronts of our furniture pieces but give little thought to what lies behind or underneath them. Unfortunately, dust and dirt can build-up under furniture pieces, including your bed!

These dusty and dark environments that are created in the neglected corners of our homes are the ideal breeding grounds for pests such as spiders and mice. And with spiders making themselves and their eggs at home under your furniture, there is no longer any need to be scared of the monster under the bed!

To reduce this problem and control the pest population in your home, it is definitely worth putting in the extra effort to clean under your bed and behind your furniture every month. Trust me when I say, you’ll be able to sleep and breathe far more easily!

4.    How to Keep Your Drains Clean and Clear

Blocked Drain

Another commonly forgotten area of the home is the drains. Keeping your drains clean and clear can help prevent blockages, flooding, bad odours, and more! And it really doesn’t take very much effort – in fact, you don’t even have to use any products!

One of the easiest way to keep your drains running smoothly is to boil a kettle full of water and pour it slowly down the drain. This will help dislodge any blockages, flush out oil and grime, and improve the flow of your drains.

To keep your drains smelling fresh, you can always follow the boiling water with a drop or two of your favourite essential oil.

5.    Don’t Forget to Clean the Frames of Your Sash Windows

Window Sash

Sash windows are a popular window choice for homeowners throughout the UK and add a touch of the traditional to many properties. However, when it comes to maintenance, they can often be neglected.

The frames of your sash windows are a great attraction to dust, dirt, and spiders’ webs. So, it’s important you give them a thorough wipe with a clean microfibre cloth on a regular basis.

It doesn’t take long and is a simple job but it’s perfect for maintaining your sash windows, keeping them clean, and preventing problems.

Which Spaces Have You Been Neglecting?

Are there any areas in your home you’ve been forgetting to clean? I hope this article has been a helpful reminder that there are some commonly forgotten items and spaces in our homes that we neglect. It’s important to remember to clean these spaces on a regular basis. To remember, why not add them to your regular cleaning routine?

Author Bio

Rachel Kerr is a copywriter with a passion for domestic and commercial cleaning. Having worked in the cleaning industry for many years, Rachel has a significant amount of experience and now shares her knowledge and experience with others.